AI Content Designer, DC area

How people talk about their lives, money, hopes, and fears depends on the person and their unique financial situation, and where they grew up, and who they’re friends with, and the economy, and HOLY COW a whole bunch of other factors …

But digging into these things so we can design natural conversations with our customers is exactly what we’re doing. And hopefully that’s why you’re reading–because you’ve got experience as a voice designer, narrative writer, or conversation designer … maybe at a voice software company or video game studio … and you’re curious about what it’d be like to develop the character and conversation of Capital One’s conversational messaging products. Which reach millions of people every day.

So here are a few things you can expect to do each week:

  • Design conversations we’ll have with customers. And don’t do it sitting alone at your computer; instead, co-write together with your teammates from product, engineering, and marketing. That way, these conversations get to our customers faster, with everyone having contributed equally to their success.
  • Create a voice that aligns with our company values, but also fits for different kinds of customers. Designing natural, helpful, and personalized conversations that people want to have with us requires knowing who we’re talking to, and knowing who WE are, too. You’ll be a content designer on our core AI Design team, which means you’ll play a critical role in maintaining and evolving the voice and character of our messaging products.
  • Iterate on conversation designs currently in market. Because every day, we learn a little bit more about what kind of conversations our customers want to have with us … the language they use to talk about money, the kind of people they aspire to be, and whether we’re building the kinds of products they really need. So for products like our Alexa skill on the Amazon Echo or our chatbot Eno, you’ll find new ways to communicate with our customers, and work with your team to uncover new ways to connect people with their money, effortlessly.
  • Analyze customer data, and watch market trends for conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence. We’re using data from our customers and potential customers to define the future of our messaging products, which include skills on Alexa and Cortana, and Eno. You’ll use this data to inform how you design the conversations for those products, and guide your team to do the same. You’ll go to conferences or speak on panels or talk to your friends about what’s happening in the industry, and what we’re doing to completely change customers’ expectations on what their bank can do for them.
  • Co-create content with product partners, legal, PR, and other communications partners. Together, you’re designing the entire ecosystem of content for our messaging products and conversational interfaces, so it’s super crucial that you’re a collaborative, inclusive person who can comfortably transition between strategic planning to detailed execution–from discussing character design conceptually, to tactically choosing words that deliver the right message, in the right way.
  • Translate functional use cases into conversational use cases. For example, because we’re an Agile team, we may define a functional use case called “Customer can pay bill.” You’ll go deep to include the nuanced statements customers make when encountering this use case, like “When is my bill due?” or “How much do I owe?” That way, you’ll be leading the design of a master conversational architecture our entire company can lean on–one that includes context specific to each functional use case. And that context makes the difference between a robotic interaction, and something truly memorable our customers love.

So who are you? Probably someone whose colleagues and friends describe as:

  • A master communicator who makes clarity from confusion
  • A storyteller who embraces natural language over flowery, empty prose
  • A confident person who’s humble, and never pretends to be someone s/he’s not
  • An intensely creative person driven by design, language, and learning
  • A natural leader who sparks conversations, speaks clearly, and invites others into his/her creative process

And what have you done so far in your career? Probably something like:

  • Journalism – You know how to lead with the meat, and add context to make it stick
  • Video game design/storytelling – You know how to say only what’s most important right now, and increasingly reveal more detail as someone goes deeper into your story
  • Character development – You know how to define and maintain a character’s personality through language and storytelling
  • Content design – You know how to design the language of an interaction–and potentially even those without digital interfaces–so it feels like a conversation
  • Data analysis – You pay attention to qualitative and quantitative data, even baking in certain tests to learn more about the customer. You don’t make design decisions in a black box.

Still reading? Great.

We don’t want a resume. Instead, start the conversation with us by answering this question:

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