UX & Product Designer, DC Area

Money. How people approach their money is a complicated equation with many factors and influences. Is it possible to solve complex problems people have that relate to money? YES, IT IS. And that’s exactly what we’re doing right now at Capital One – by reinventing banking through conversational financial products. Are you curious what it would take to design for machine learning and intelligence that will reach millions of people every day? If so, this might be your opportunity.

What You’ll Be Doing:

    • Ideating and thinking critically about how users interact with conversational messaging and voice-enabled user interfaces. From design sprints to team exploration you’ll be brainstorming, sketching, and wire-framing your ideas. You will contributing to positively change customers’ expectations on what their bank can do for them.
    • Iterating on your designs, informed by user research. You’ll be learning about people and how they interact with money, and designing products to meet those needs. Design thinking isn’t just a buzz word for you, it means placing customers first and adapting as you learn.
    • Analyzing customer data, and watching market trends for conversational interfaces and Artificial Intelligence. We’re using data from our customers and potential customers to define the future of our messaging products, from Alexa to Cortana to bots and beyond. And you’ll use this data to inform how you design for those products.
    • Co-creating content with some of the best product managers, content strategists, researchers, engineers, and other partners in the industry. Your designs will contribute to an entire ecosystem of messaging products and conversational interfaces, so it’s super crucial you’re a collaborative, inclusive person.
    • Designing more than just user interface layouts with visual polish. You’ll be creating user flows, customer journeys, and usable interactions with one purpose in mind: conversational interaction for both voice and screen. Tackling complex problems will be a regular activity, resulting in intuitive user-centered experiences.
    • Prototyping your ideas and product needs using whichever tool is most expedient. In browser or out, you’ll take care to provide highly accurate and technically feasible prototypes that will be used and shared regularly. A prototype is worth a thousand meetings, and yours will help expedite the design and product development cycle.
    • Shipping is a more than just agile development processes. All your work is grounded in what we’ll deliver to our customers, but you’ll push product designs to the farthest reaches of their potential. As part of a sprint team you’ll meet daily to tackle user needs together, and provide creative solutions while balancing development best practices.

What You’ll Need. You constantly think about the future and what it holds for design and technology. You have an ambition to never stop learning, and constantly explore new technologies and design patterns. You understand that design is the details, it encompasses the whole product experience, and you see design potential in emerging technologies. The designer in you will be proficient in tools such as Sketch and Illustrator (or Photoshop, too.) The prototyper in you will know HTML, CSS, or other tools such as Invision or Flinto. You are comfortable with a pencil or moleskine, but you may prefer a whiteboard marker or stylus. Either way, you like to mock up your ideas as you have them, and love to share with others for feedback.

Tl;dr. Fortune 500 design team seeking user experience designer w/ a passion for HCI to work on artificial intelligence powered products that will reach millions.

Reply below – but not with a resume. Instead, start the conversation with us by answering this question:

“What is it about this job description that made you want to reply?”

And email it to Adrian.Herritt@capitalone.com


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